Why Some People Hate Traveling

Why Some People Hate Traveling

Generally, there are people that love traveling and people that hate traveling. If you love traveling, you definitely must wonder why somebody would hate traveling. Well according to a fellow coffee drinking pal I met out in Southern Texas, he says people that have traveled and never really did any research on the region, end up being targeted weak meat for the thieves and thugs of the region, and they stick out like sore thumbs because of the way they dress and talk and in turn end up hating the destination because of there lack in travel savy.
I went on to ask questions as I felt he had alot of experience in traveling the world. Feel free to check out his active blog by visiting www.glassdawg.net and just say Roger “cafecito” sent you.

Here are the top reasons why some people hate traveling:

Packing Hassles

It’s no secret that packing for a trip can be a real hassle. Some people dread the idea of putting effort in and spending time on packing light. They struggle to ensure that they don’t pack more than they will need during their trips. Generally, packing for a trip is a daunting task for some people and it makes them hate traveling.

Bad Destinations

Some travel destinations are not worth the effort that goes into preparation. For instance, when somebody plans to travel to a polluted destination, they may hate traveling. What’s more, when traveling to a destination that is not so-convenient, somebody can hate the idea.

Money Constraints

To some people, traveling is wasting money. That’s because such people have limited resources. Expenses like flight tickets, accommodation and meals takes money that can be spent on other things. Basically, traveling requires some people to save money that they feel could go to other, more important things. This makes them hate traveling.

Different Weather

Some people hate travel because they fear that leaving their comfort zones exposes them to bad experiences like bad weather. Weather can definitely break or make a travel experience. Therefore, when a person faces a bad weather when they travel, they can end up hating travel.

Bad Foods

Some people are put off by bad food that they have to eat when they travel. In some cases, travelers feel ripped off when the food they get doesn’t seem worth the value of their money.

Basically, these are some of the reasons why some people hate traveling. However, if you hate traveling, you can love it if you learn to appreciate the fact that other people have different ways of life.  

Top Travel Destinations for Couples

Top Travel Destinations for Couples

A romantic getaway offers you and your better half an ample space and time to celebrate and build your relationship. While there are many travel destinations that you can choose to visit, not all can provide the desired romantic experience. The following are the top travel destinations for couples that you should consider for your next trip. 

The British Virgin Islands 

The gorgeous British Virgin Islands is a must-visit if you are hoping for a relaxing vacation on the beach. As the name suggests, this destination boasts beautiful and discreet sandy beaches like the Smuggler’s Cove Beach and Cane Garden Bay Beach.  Other highlights include the Gorda National Park, lavish resorts and hotels, spas, and restaurants. Apart from water activities, couples can also indulge in spa treatments, hikes, and sightseeing. 

Palm Springs, California 

Palm Springs, California is another unique romantic travel destination with lots of sights, sounds, and activities to delight couples. The destination is famous for its gondola rides, warm weather and desert landscape, golf, and hikes. It also boasts the world’s largest rotating tramcar, canyon, and desert-themed spa treatments. 


The expansive open plains in Montana are great scenes for long romantic walks and photo shoots. You could also opt to stay at any of the readily available guest ranches for breathtaking outdoor experiences such as skiing. For more privacy, there are also adults-only guest ranches with customized travel packages and unique features like treehouses. Its unique natural scenes comprise of lush open plains, rugged terrains, mountains, and snow. 

Chassignolles, France 

Situated inside the largest national park in France, Chassignolles is a secluded rural village that can offer couples the perfect getaway from the ordinary. Here, visitors can freely bond and connect with nature, wandering the local farms and country lanes. The town is also home to unique cultural adventures and several historical attractions including a 12th-century church. 

While the above travel destinations should top your list of the best places to visit as a couple, there are a few others that you may also want to keep in mind like Buenos Aires, Argentina; Savannah, Georgia; Tuscany, Italy, and Virginia.

Useful Tips for Traveling Alone for the First Time

Traveling alone for the first time can feel confusing and scary. You may wonder what you’re supposed to do and how you can survive those lonely moments away from home. If this is the first time you’re traveling alone, here are useful tips to guide you. 

Use Comparison Sites to Book Your Flights 

Once you choose your travel destination, start booking your flights. The cheapest and easiest way to book flights is via comparison sites. These sites compare the cheapest and the best flights while showing travelers the options they have. You can even download apps by these sites to help you compare flights and land better deals. 

Choose Travel Destinations where You Feel Safe and Comfortable 

The thought of traveling alone can feel daunting. In most cases, first-time solo travel is more of the experience rather than the destination. Therefore, choose destinations where you feel safe and comfortable. This can be somewhere close to your home or a place you’ve traveled to before with friends. 

Plan Your Trip

In addition to planning your trip, come up with a backup plan. This will enable you to avoid stressing yourself about where you will stay, what you will see, and how you will move from one point to another. So, take your time to plan the trip and write down the address, name, and phone number of the places where you intend to stay. 

Book Your Hotels in Advance 

Choose the hotels where you will stay and book in advance. This will ease the stress you’re likely to experience if you travel alone. Additionally, book flights and organize airport transfers early. This will ensure that everything will be planned out by the time you arrive at the airport. 

Have Some Fun

Don’t spend all your time worrying about being alone. Instead, hang out with other travelers. Engage in fun activities with other travelers. Talk to the local people to learn about their culture. However, focus on your safety. Avoid drawing attention to yourself. Always follow your instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Always remember that your safety should come first. 

Follow these tips to enjoy the best experience when traveling alone for the first time. 

Tips for Maintaining a Wellness Routine when Traveling

Tips for Maintaining a Wellness Routine when Traveling

You don’t have to give up on your wellness routine every time you travel. You can explore the world while still maintaining your wellness routine. Here are tips to help you maintain this routine when traveling. 

Purse Essentials 

You should carry the essentials that form a part of your wellness routine. These may include an organic hand sanitizer, tea bags, a reusable water bottle, essential oils, and a wet bag. Make sure that you always have these essentials near to easily reach out for them when traveling. 

Pack Healthy Snacks 

Carry simple but healthy snacks when traveling. These will keep you nourished and provide healthy options that you can easily reach out for and enjoy while on the road. Carrying snacks is easy when going on a road trip than when flying. Nevertheless, you still have options like raw carrots, apples, and bananas.  

Explore Your Options 

Some of the best ways to maintain a wellness routine while still exploring your destination are by visiting a local coffee shop or attending a workout class. For instance, you can engage in workouts that involve Pilates and yoga when traveling. Such workouts can help you maintain your wellness routine and meet new people. You can go for a massage as a post-workout way to relax. 

Try New and Healthy Foods 

For most people, food forms a large part of their travel. It provides much-needed insights into the local culture. As such, finding a store that sells healthy foods and a market for local farmers is a must for some travelers. It’s helpful to stock up on local and healthy snacks, as well as, fruits. Make sure that you also have lemons that you can use to make lemon water for your mornings. 

These are simple but helpful tips for maintaining a wellness routine when traveling. Follow them to ensure your health throughout the trip. 

Travel as a Passion- How to Get Started

Travel as a Passion- How to Get Started

People that don’t travel more often read only one page of the book called the World. Many people in the world consider traveling one of their hobbies or passions. Getting away from home, doing something adventurous, different, and fun, as well as, seeing great things and mingling with different people is generally exciting. But, how do you get started once you decide to travel as a passion? Here are tips to guide you. 


Make travel as a passion a priority. That means you’ll be ready to give up some important possessions or events just to travel. Therefore, decide what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice just to travel. Simply decide that traveling will be your priority and plan to do it. 

Plan to Travel 

A great way to do this is by acting early. Come up with a travel plan one year in advance. You may change your plan but you will have the idea in mind. You can talk to your spouse, friends, or anybody that you wish to travel with and come up with a travel plan. 


Decide on the amount of money to spend on your trip. Consider what you currently have and the total amount you will need to travel. If the amount you have currently is not enough, start saving up for the trip. You can decide to sell some of the things you don’t use or set aside a certain amount of money every month. 

Brainstorm Locations

Discuss with your travel partners about the destinations you can visit. This should depend on the time you have to travel as well as your reasons to travel. Also, consider the time you will be traveling to see if it will be the best season to visit the destination. 


Once you’ve chosen your travel destination, conduct extensive research. Find out more about things like travel costs, accommodations, itineraries, and highlights of your trip. 

Travel Checklist 

Come up with a list of the items to carry when traveling. This can include your passport, items to pack, the bills to pay, and things to do or see while there. 


Once ready, buy tickets and travel. Try to maximize the fun you enjoy while away as much as possible. Forget your worries and troubles back at home and focus on having fun. 

Traveling for passion is all about having a great time away from home. Therefore, if you’ve not been traveling because you didn’t have a reason to do it, start traveling as a passion and for fun. 

Travel Tips for People with Alzheimer’s disease

Travel Tips for People with Alzheimer’s disease

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease keep progressing and the condition worsens over time. However, this condition should not hinder you or your loved one from traveling. Here are useful tips to help you or your loved one travel with Alzheimer’s disease.

Set Extra Time Aside

If you drive or take a flight, bear in mind the fact that Alzheimer’s sufferer will need a moment to feel comfortable at the travel destination. Therefore, be patient with your loved one to allow them time to adapt to the new surroundings. This will reduce the stress that can come with traveling.

Invest in an Identification Bracelet

This is very important especially when traveling with a senior that can wander. If they don’t have an identification bracelet, make sure that their clothing has a name. Also include your number and the medical conditions they suffer from.

Carry Medications and Important Documents

Carry documents that include the information that can be used to contact you, a list of medications, allergies, and information of the physician. It’s also crucial to make insurance information and travel itinerary readily available.

Consider Using a Medical Transport Service

Travel can be difficult if you have imminent travel needs and a loved one can’t be left in respite care. In that case, it’s important to consider using a medical transport service. Medical transport can include ground and air transportation. Small pets and a care giver can also accompany a loved one.

Book a Hotel Instead of Staying with Relatives

Booking a hotel room means your loved one gets a calm place to stay if the trip turns out to be hectic. When staying in a hotel, your loved one can stick to a routine better. What’s more, some relatives might be unfamiliar with the condition. Nevertheless, make sure that even the staff at the hotel is aware of the condition of our loved one.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you have emergency contacts that your loved one will carry all the time. Also try to keep the surroundings familiar and limit connections or layovers.


What Is Responsible Travel

What Is Responsible Travel?

According to predictions by reliable sources, about 1.5 billion people will travel each year by 2022. This only means that more than ever, we should now start paying a keen attention to responsible travel. The only problem is that very many travelers do not really understand the concept of responsible travel. Below is a breakdown of the main ideas behind responsible travel that can help you understand the effort and how to embrace it.

Definition of Responsible Travel

In simple terms, responsible travel means being culturally and socially aware when traveling, understanding the impacts that you have on the destinations you visit and trying to leave a positive impact.

While the above definition may look simple, there are still several misinterpretations out there. Some think that responsible travel means traveling with backpacks and low budget style. However, all these are not necessary. Responsible travel can be simple changes to how we view our trips to new destinations and interact with foreign cultures. In fact, it does not have to be extreme.

Responsible travel mainly emphasizes on attainable changes that will leave the places you visit and people you meet better than they were. As a responsible traveler, you need to go beyond the common understanding of different cultures. An example is learning a foreign language so whenever you visit the place, you can easily interact with the locals.

How to Become a Responsible Traveler

There are endless options for becoming a responsible traveler. Regardless of where you visit or how you travel, there is always something you can do to show you are a responsible traveler. Below are a few examples to inspire you.

  • When booking a hotel, look for one that has a sustainability program or gives back to society.
  • Before taking a selfie or photograph, grab a few moments to appreciate the scenery.
  • Respect the cultures, environments and people you come into contact with on the road.

Although people usually define responsible travel differently, the above insights provide a straightforward explanation that will enable you to understand the concept much easily and better.


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