What to Expect when Staying at a B&B during Travel

What to Expect when Staying at a B&B during Travel

When planning a getaway, you may decide to stay at a B&B. Bed and breakfast establishments are increasingly becoming a preference for many travelers. However, first time travelers that choose this option may not know what to expect from them.

Here are some of the things to expect from these establishments when you travel:


Just like the name suggests, you get breakfast when you choose this form of accommodation. These establishments provide elaborate breakfast menus. That means you will get different items to choose from every day. In some of these establishments, travelers are served breakfast together while in others, they are served breakfast privately in their rooms. The meals that are served in these establishments are diet oriented and freshly cooked.

Specialized Amenities

Apart from the usual TV and Wi-Fi which are common amenities in most resorts and hotels, B&B establishments offer outdoor amenities. These include hot-tubs, pools, balconies, and decks. Although you will find these in hotels too, B&Bs are more private. That’s because rooms and guests are fewer. You will also get indoor amenities like A/C, ironed linens and on-demand hot shower.

Private Bath

In the past, B&B establishments didn’t feature private bathrooms. However, modern B&B establishments have them. These have been renovated or constructed. They may differ but they generally include tubs, showers, and daily items like cloth irons and hair dryers.

Wine, Cheese and Cocktails

Guests in B&B establishments are not served dinner or lunch though they may get afternoon snacks. However, they may enjoy cheese and wine tastings. Some B&B establishments have bars where guests can get cocktails. These are great items because they enable travelers to get the items that they need to enjoy a better travel experience.

Generally, the things to expect when staying at a B&B while traveling may vary depending on location and the establishment that you choose. Check out one of my favorite travel B7B sites, www.airbnb.com

Hong Kong: A place to visit or not?

China, Japan, and Hong Kong. People are getting confused between these three countries. Some are saying that Honk Kong is great, while others are claiming that you should not visit the country. What is the truth, and why are so many people against this country? With this information, you will know for sure if Hong Kong is the place for you to visit or not.

Is this a great country to visit?

Yes, this is a relatively safe country to travel to. And, for sure, this is a great culture that you can learn from. If you are wondering if this is a great country to visit, then you can stop wondering.

There are many things that you can enjoy in this country, without worrying about being a tourist. Yes, there might be parts of the country that you should rather avoid, but with research, you will know exactly what parts of the country you should avoid.

Most people do understand English

The great thing about Hong Kong is that most people do understand English. They might struggle a bit to talk English, but they will understand you. Countries like China and Japan, people don’t really understand English, and communicating there can be much harder than in Hong Kong.

They prefer that you are speaking English instead of trying to learn their language. This isn’t really an easy language to learn and talking it might be confusing.

There are a large variety of attractions to see

You will be surprised by the large variety of attractions that you can see in Hong Kong. They have culture attractions where you can see temples. But, this isn’t the only attractions that you can see. Experiencing their food, their customs and doing shopping is just to name a couple of other things that you can see and do in this create country.

Public transport is an option for getting to attractions

Many tourists are always scared to make use of public transport. This is mostly because of all the things we read and see on television about the public transport of other countries. However, in Hong Kong, they have clean and safe public transport.

You can make use of their public transport without any problems. The best part is that you can make use of it, even if you don’t have a large budget.

There is no reason why you should not consider visiting Hong Kong. There are so much to do and see in this great country. There are people that are claiming that this isn’t a safe country, but this isn’t completely true. With research, you will know where you can go without risking being in danger. Hong Kong is a great country and you can visit it for sure, any time.

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