Why Some People Hate Traveling

Why Some People Hate Traveling

Generally, there are people that love traveling and people that hate traveling. If you love traveling, you definitely must wonder why somebody would hate traveling. Well according to a fellow coffee drinking pal I met out in Southern Texas, he says people that have traveled and never really did any research on the region, end up being targeted weak meat for the thieves and thugs of the region, and they stick out like sore thumbs because of the way they dress and talk and in turn end up hating the destination because of there lack in travel savy.
I went on to ask questions as I felt he had alot of experience in traveling the world. Feel free to check out his active blog by visiting www.glassdawg.net and just say Roger “cafecito” sent you.

Here are the top reasons why some people hate traveling:

Packing Hassles

It’s no secret that packing for a trip can be a real hassle. Some people dread the idea of putting effort in and spending time on packing light. They struggle to ensure that they don’t pack more than they will need during their trips. Generally, packing for a trip is a daunting task for some people and it makes them hate traveling.

Bad Destinations

Some travel destinations are not worth the effort that goes into preparation. For instance, when somebody plans to travel to a polluted destination, they may hate traveling. What’s more, when traveling to a destination that is not so-convenient, somebody can hate the idea.

Money Constraints

To some people, traveling is wasting money. That’s because such people have limited resources. Expenses like flight tickets, accommodation and meals takes money that can be spent on other things. Basically, traveling requires some people to save money that they feel could go to other, more important things. This makes them hate traveling.

Different Weather

Some people hate travel because they fear that leaving their comfort zones exposes them to bad experiences like bad weather. Weather can definitely break or make a travel experience. Therefore, when a person faces a bad weather when they travel, they can end up hating travel.

Bad Foods

Some people are put off by bad food that they have to eat when they travel. In some cases, travelers feel ripped off when the food they get doesn’t seem worth the value of their money.

Basically, these are some of the reasons why some people hate traveling. However, if you hate traveling, you can love it if you learn to appreciate the fact that other people have different ways of life.